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​Unarmed Security Guard Services

In any situation where you are in need of protection and bodyguard services, you can count on On The Job Security Guard Service to lend a helping hand. We offer both armed and unarmed security guard services in consideration to your specifications and protection.

Security guard services do not necessarily have to be armed, but he or she will be able to respond to any incident by immediately informing the authorities, and doing what they can to ensure your safety. They will also maintain written reports that will explain what’s encountered throughout their service.

A good security company such as ours, will only hire trained and professional guards for onsite and foot patrol security. Therefore, we understand how important a home or business is to its owners, and will treat this responsibility with undivided attention.

Those in need of unarmed security guard services should contact us at On The Job Security Guard Service in Queens, NY. Let us help with foot patrol security, transportation security services and much more.